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Saturday, July 30th 2022

Because Itís Among the Biggest Social Channels, Facebookís a Must for Marketers

It takes only a few facts and figures to underscore Facebookís importance to marketers. With 2.9 billion monthly active users, a 6% jump from 2021, it is the most used social platform. 69% of Americans use Facebook, and users spend about 33 minutes a day in the app. Millions of businesses worldwide rely on the Meta platform to connect with people, which clearly means opportunity for marketers. Read on to stay ahead of the latest Facebook trends and to make the most of your marketing efforts. 


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With organic search declining, marketers are finding Facebook Groups an ever-more indispensable tool. Groups allow brands to engage with specific niche communities, building solid trust relationships with those groups. Once rapport is established, brands can launch discussions, offer product updates and support customers in myriad ways. Marketers can also tap Facebook Groups to plumb customer wants and needs. Facebook Groupsí qualities as a lead-generation tool are virtually endless. Thatís helped convince many marketers itís among the social media platformís best values.

We examine trends that continue to make Facebook an imperative marketing platform in heightening engagement, garnering leads and more.

Facebook gives priority to content from Facebook Groups. Your brandís chances of showing up in users news feeds are high when part of the same special interest Group. 

Read Social Media Marketing Strategies: How to Grow Your Business with Facebook Marketing, by Earlene Goyne.

Facebook offers a wide range of marketing solutions depending on your goals, allowing brands to take advantage of the benefits that come with advertising such as lead generation or more brand awareness.

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Brands that market via Facebook Messenger generate anywhere from 10 to 80 percent more engagement than they do via organic posts or Facebook newsfeed. Messenger has almost 1 billion monthly active users, many using the app to communicate with favored brands. Some 82 percent of U.S. adults report Messenger is their most regularly-used messaging app. These numbers suggest thereís a staggeringly huge population of potential customers marketers can actively engage with, and to whom they can target ads. 

Facebook has consistently unveiled new means of brand engagement. Letís move now from Groups and Messenger to Facebook Shops, Facebook Reels and other tools.

  • Facebook Shops. Now improved to make shopping easier, Facebook Shops allows each brand to set up an online store to serve Facebook and Instagram-using customers. The brand chooses the products it wants to feature from its catalog and customizes its store.
  • Facebook Reels. Earlier this year, in response to TikTok, Facebook launched Reels in more than 150 countries, and made it simple for businesses to monetize the tool. Reels allows brands to reshare their Instagram videos, helping extend those videosí reach.
  • Facebook Subscriptions. Creators can now benefit from recurrent payments from subscribed audiences. Premium members support Pages they love, enabling creators to reap profits from dedicated users in return for providing exclusive content and personal interactions.