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How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Company

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Most corporations know about LinkedIn, and even have LinkedIn profiles. But they often underutilize LinkedIn in marketing their companies.

That's a costly mistake. If you aren't using this powerful marketing tool, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to promote your corporation to the very companies most likely to purchase your products and services. more

Your Customers Are On the Go; Your Marketing Must Be Mobile As Well

Net Results
A couple statistics demonstrate mobile communication's pervasiveness. First, there are now more mobile devices than people worldwide. Second, use of mobile advertising leaped by 75 percent last year alone. It's clear from these figures that no company can afford to leave mobile marketing out of its broader marketing game plan. Here's how to use mobile effectively. more

Exploring Instagram for B2B Marketing Success

Internet PR
What do companies with major B2B presence such as HubSpot, General Electric and Intel have in common? They are increasingly embracing the photo sharing site Instagram to help enhance their marketing efforts. That such big name companies (and lots of smaller ones) are using Instagram shouldn't be surprising. Facebook thought enough of Instagram to pay $1 billion for the site just a few years ago. More than forty million photos are uploaded daily to Instagram, and the site claims more than 150 million monthly active users. more

How Using Angie's List Can Benefit Contractors

Builder Blog
Many contractors who gain strong referrals from satisfied customers would like nothing more than to leverage that positive word of mouth into new business.

For them, Angie's List can be among the most effective marketing tools available. Indianapolis-based Angie's List is a 17-year-old online resource that serves more than 185 U.S. markets, and helps consumers locate reputable local contractors in home repair and renovation and auto repair. It allows paid subscribers to write customer reviews detailing the level of satisfaction they experienced when having work done by local service providers, and also read the reviews of others. more

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